Goals are for Geeks


I have been soul search in the new year, considering what I would like out of the next chapter in my life. I thought I would share these long and short term ideas with you in the hope that it could give you some food for thought.

  • Take time out with others interested in Landscape Photography.
  • Write an online novel for fun.
  • Get more involved with open source projects.
  • Get back into PHP and use C9 so I can Code Anywhere in the world.
  • Create some fun HTML5 projects for mobile.
  • Spend time with other developers and designers.
  • Fly a real Boeing Simulator.
  • Take up Tai Chi.

What are your goals? If you don’t have any then now is the time to start. You need them to motivate yourself and it gives your mind structure.

How to Recruit the Right Person

A company called Bloxx, based in London UK, posted a job at jobs.joelonsoftware.com this morning and I thought their description of the type of engineer they wanted to recruit was just perfect.

We are looking to hire a software developer confident enough to describe their own skills as excellent.

The problem is, like those so called singers that audition on the X-Factor and can’t sing to save their life, sometimes delusion is not a good thing.

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