Microsoft Finally Get How to Advertise the Windows

I just didn’t get the Seinfeld adverts, they were just to out there. But the new Microsoft adverts I like a lot.

Now I’m a PC and a Mac. I love both platforms (yes even Vista). It was fun to watch the Mac adverts take advantage but finally Microsoft have fired back. What I like about these ads are that they focus on people using a PC in real life, nothing about attempting to slander a Mac.

Debugging a WebDev Site

image Here’s a tip if you develop using WebDev. I recently had a timeout issue that was occurring on our live web server but not on my development box.

WebDev 12 supports remote debugging, so open your project and then make a remote debug connection. You can then debug the code and see which line is causing the issue on the server.

Is that cool or what?

Virtual Villages 3 Potions

Anyone interested into Virtual Villages 3 and needs some help on potions, my wife has kindly let me publish them from her secret book. I have included all her experiments and marked the best ones in green.

Disclaimer: Sometimes potions go weird, just try them again.

Plants Key:

BO – Black Orchid
C – Cactus
L – Lotus
TL – Tiger Lilli
R – Rose
P – Pitcher Plant (Nature Faction Only)

2*C + TL = Bitter
2*BO + TL = Faint
2*BO + L = Sore Tummy
2*BO + R = Blew Up

BO + BO + BO = Yikes

L + P + L = Trance / Epiphany
C + P + C = Blew Up

P + P + P = Blew Up
P + BO + P = Sleepy
P + P + TL = Not feeling well
P + P + R = Feel Better
P + P + L = Feel Better
P + P + C = Feel Better

P + BO + BO = Get rid of sharks
P + C + BO = Nasty, It’s Bitter
P + C + TL = Nasty, It’s Bitter
P + C + L = Feels Better
P + C + R = Blew Up

R + P + R = Soapy
R + R + BO = A bit lonely / Feels down
R + R + TL = Stinky breath

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