Button Click Admin Podcast

If you are into Salesforce and Force.com like I am then I highly recommend you listen to the the Button Click Admin Podcast. Mike and Jared to an amazing job talking to people in the Salesforce community


I especially love hearing at the end of each podcast when they ask the interviewee what their favourite Dreamforce moment was.

Hop along to http://buttonclickadmin.com to subscribe to their podcast. I also recommend reading the 5 tips to landing a Salesforce.com Admin job

Finally have space to work

Photo-0022I finally found some space at home to place a desk and have a dedicated work area for my ever increasing web development and soon to be podcast. Lots of space for a nice shiny new iMac but I guess that will have to wait.

Standby for Launch

How do you keep a programmer in the shower all day?
Give him a bottle of shampoo which says “lather, rinse, repeat.”

It has been a long time in the “Maybe this is a good idea” stage, but finally I am ready to Launch CreativeScreenCasts.com.

I now have all the equipment ready and the first planned WebApp.creativescreencasts.com wordpress site is being configured ready for go. I will be showing you the latest in web applications, tips and tricks in using these and more…

There are a number of other screen cast productions I have in the pipline, including “Adventures with Ruby on Rails”. I need to shorten the title somehow but this podcast will see me entering the world of RoR and the trails and tribulations on this journey.

So the counddown is on and I am very excited….

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