WSL-Amazon 2.0 – REALbasic web services library. (Commercial)

WSL-Amazon 2.0 – REALbasic web services library. (Commercial): “

WSL-Amazon 2.0

WSL-Amazon – Easily Integrate Amazon Web Services into Your REALbasic Applications. This HTTPSocket subclass wraps the Amazon Web Services ECS 4.0 API into an easy-to-use library of 36 powerful methods and 164 properties with support for their US, UK, German, French, Canadian, and Japanese Amazon stores.

Includes extensive search and information retrieval capabilities, plus the ability to create, update and checkout Amazon shopping carts — all from within your REALbasic applications! This class library also comes with the project source code for a fully- functional Amazon-powered application, which you can reuse in your own REALbasic projects!

(Via MacUpdate – Mac OS X.)

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