WinDev 12 – New Features Part 1

Here’s a quick list of all the new features in WinDev 12. If you would like more information then I recommend downloading the 500 New Features PDF.

  • JIT Technology – up to 1,500% gain.
  • New Look and redesigned dialogs in the IDE.
  • The Developers Email application is now available stand alone.
  • Context-sensitive clipart (e.g. Will show button images when you search the catalogue in the button).
  • Enhancements made to Project Monitor Center
  • IDE Responds to voice commands
  • In the Analysis Files/Tables can be grouped into custom folders. You can then use HChangeConnection on the group.
  • IDE Tool Tips now show the shortcut keys
  • New Project Manager Dashboard
  • Improved code statistics on the Developer Dashboard
  • Use a PDF document as a background in a report. You can then automate the process of filling out the form.
  • Reports can now generate PDF documents with User Input Fields.
  • PDF Document can now be displayed in an image control.
  • Report Preview Control now has seach. Works in a similar way to Firefox search, highlighting found search words in the generated report.
  • Reports can now be produced in a mix of portrait and landscape.
  • Multi-lingual analysis file/table names. This helps when you want to distribute Reports & Queries to different countries.
  • PCL mode Printing.
  • Rights management in the Source Control Manager.
  • Elements can now be checked out of Source Control automatically when you start to edit them.
  • Source Control elements can now be shared across different projects.
  • Project initialisation code can be shared also.
  • Improved check-in procedure to associate developer to the current task / bug corrections automatically.
  • Project Manager can now define elements required for check-in.
  • Improvements to copy branch.
  • Internal system files can now be hidden from the analysis.
  • Business rules now require proper authorization.
  • Business rules history to keep a full trace.
  • Tasks can now be linked to business rules.
  • Multiple elements (windows, reports, classes etc.) can be linked to a task.
  • Requirement impact analysis.
  • Include imported documents in the business rules database.
  • Project Internal Components.
  • Create a template from another template (new level of inheritance).
  • Inheritance diagrams that show all the parent or child templates for the element.
  • Refactor selected controls into a template.
  • Components can now include classes in its interface.
  • Share popup menus
  • Code window can now show methods from all selected controls.
  • Improved code assistance.
  • HtmlToText & HtmlToRTF
  • InTSEMode allows you to dedect if the app is running in a Citrix environment.
  • XMLRead & XMLWrite, quick read functions.
  • Video resolution functions, you can detect video cards, screens on each card and resolution + colours for each.
  • Easily call COM Objects and DLL’s with new CallInterface function.
  • Drawing functions have new parameters for gradient colours, angles etc.
  • Anti-aliasing and opacity on drawing.

In the next post I will summarise more of the new language features in V12.

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