Why Re-invent the Wheel

As a web/software developer I often have to step back and ask myself if developing a site from scratch is the correct solution.

There are so many third party and open source high profile projects that could often fit 90% of a projects requirements. The other 10% can be solved by making tweaks, adding or developing a plug-in.

I have one new client who requires a web site to promote their London Touring Cab business.  They want to publish content about tours, packages, special London events contact information. I have also recommended some community features to allow customers to interact, make suggestions, ask for advice and more.

joomla With the work proposal I was able to identify that Joomla fit their requirements and also allowed them to publish  additional content and make changes. There are a number of plug-ins that can be added for additional features, plus I can create bespoke plug-ins for the client as required.

There are also many web graphics designers out there producing very cool Joomla templates, so we can get the site look and feel designed just right.

I know this could all be created in Rails but it will take more effort, time and resources than using Open Source. Also creating plug-ins for the client I can give back to the Joomla community by publishing them for anyone to use.

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