The Road to Salesforce

It’s very interesting life as a senior developer, as you get to see the world change around our technology in so many ways.

Although I have been an evangelist of Salesforce for some years, I have yet to step into that world fully. But this is about to change as I plan to fully transition from a .NET developer onto the Salesforce platform, utilizing my skills I have learned along the way.

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Photo by Jon Mountjoy

I look at the current state of development and see that Salesforce have got it right. Back in the days when I first started developing you had no choice but to build a solution from scratch, from creating a server infrastructure though to coding the solution.

Today this should not be the case and is not with Salesforce. You have the core business functionality you need, which can be expanded using clicks not code. When your business process requires something bespoke the coding comes in play with some Apex / JavaScript / SOQL / Lightning and along with it the all important unit test. I especially like the quality of the Lightning Design System for consistency with their new UI.

iphone photoMobile is one of the most important mediums for delivering solutions to a business as people’s lives change, commuting more, working remotely and businesses become more of a social family than a 9 to 5 job #Ohana, which I love to see as people spend a large proportion of their lives at work, so it should be fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding both from a business and a social perspective. just look at the new Salesforce Trailblazer community page to see what I mean.

So where does this fit into my life. Well it fits in perfectly with my outlook on where I should be now and in the future. But I want to share my journey that other developers in my field might find interesting and also if your like me and passed the 50 age mark 🙂

The first stage is to pass the Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II certifications, so I am hard at work studying for these using Trailhead and document resources.

I’m really looking forward to the future with Salesforce and helping others in the community any way I can.

In the next episode I will be giving tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Trailhead and brain hacks to make it all stick, so stay tuned.

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