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OK so I did take the title idea from .NET Entity Framework Code first Approach but it works so don’t shoot the messenger.

2016-11-22 12_47_14-WX21-Features.pdfYes I am a .NET developer and have been for many years but the problem with coding on that platform is the amount of code you have to write to accomplish a task. This is why I also use a development tool called WinDev/WebDev from PC Soft to build solutions as the approach they have taken is the provide components that solve common requirements. They also go down to the level of code and to make simple methods to code that will also achieve results quickly, like displaying a Google map or creating a stack graph in a dashboard.

Salesforce has the same approach to the click first approach, allowing you to implement business requirements with a minimal or no code at all. To me this is the future of business software development where you only have to code the unique aspects of a solution rather than having to build a complete platform.

This is one of many reasons I have moved to Salesforce and the incredible work they are building in the Lightning platform. Yes I know there are aspects in Lightning that are still not complete but the future for Lightning components is very exciting for a developer like myself, giving me the ability to componentise UI and make that available to users on web and mobile platforms. Then on the back end you can develop the business functionality using Process Builder to visually implement logic.

F2016-11-22 12_42_21-Process Builder _ Salesforceor example I keep ideas for projects but sometimes I forget about them, so I wanted to be reminded if I had not looked at them for a while. This took just a few minutes to implement and now I get a cool reminder in my Chatter feed if I have not viewed an idea for more than 30 days.

When Click does not go far enough for you to complete your implementation then you still have Apex and JavaScript to work with. I personally don’t use the Force IDE but prefer to use a combination of the Developer Console and Cloud 9 IDE. I like to keep everything in the Cloud, even my IDE, which gives me the best flexibility and portability to code wherever I am.

If your a developer and interested in this approach then why not give it a try, just go to and sign up for a developer account now. If you have any questions of need advice then there is a fantastic community of Salesforce Developers and Admins or just drop me a message.

Happy clicking!!!

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