Debugging a WebDev Site

image Here’s a tip if you develop using WebDev. I recently had a timeout issue that was occurring on our live web server but not on my development box.

WebDev 12 supports remote debugging, so open your project and then make a remote debug connection. You can then debug the code and see which line is causing the issue on the server.

Is that cool or what?

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WinDev – Have some fun with Social Networks

tw Social Networks like Twitter are great fun when you are in the mood to create some little apps.

Here’s a simple example code to get some of my friends tweets. All I did was look through the Twitter API and picked out a simple REST method to get some XML back as a test.

Reading XML in WinDev is very simple using a few methods. I recommend you run the URL in a browser and return back some XML data you can then use to play with. That way you are not making lots of calls to the Twitter API (which is limited by design anyway).

sLine is string
iPos is int
sUrl is string = ""
IF HTTPRequest(sUrl) THEN
    sResult is string = HTTPGetResult()
    WHILE XMLFound("XMLDoc")
        IF XMLFind("XMLDoc","created_at", XMLElement) THEN
            sLine = XMLData("XMLDoc")
            IF XMLFind("XMLDoc","text",XMLElement) THEN
                sLine += " | " + XMLData("XMLDoc")
                IF sLine <> "" THEN

You can then move on to some further experiments and combine different social networks to create some unique mashups.

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iPhone Needs View All Emails

apple-iphone-in-hand-thumbOne of the great usage of an iPhone is reading emails on the go, both POP, IMAP and Exchange push.

One feature I would really like to see on the device is a View All Emails. I have a number of email accounts I check on the iPhone and it is a pain when I get an alert as I have to search around for the new email when there are a number of unread mails in the accounts.

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