Music to Code Too ….


I enjoy listening to music that will motivate and relax me while I’m coding. I love film scores and I find they are perfect for me to code along too. I just can’t code with people singing but this really works for me.

If you belong to Spotify then I have been creating a Best Film Scores playlist you are welcome to subscribe too.

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Blackberry 10 – Developer 10k Commitment Extended

BlackBerry 10k Developer Commitment

RIM should be very proud of how they have worked with the development community to build an amazing eco system prior to launch.

I am very excited about the potential for this platform and its all looking very promising based on the recent submissions to the app store. It’s been so busy that RIM have extended the 10k Developer Commitment until 8pm ET on the 18th Feb.

So keep coding and get those submissions in folks!

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Blackberry Cascades Framework


There are some very exciting times ahead for Blackberry developers. Don’t believe the negative press as there is a lot of great potential for us on the Blackberry platform.

Register now to learn more about the new Blackberry 10 Cascades Framework for building amazing user experiences in your software.


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BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour

On the 14th Jun 2012 I will be off to the BlackBerry Jam World Tour. I have been getting heavily involved in mobile app development lately and it is important to keep up to date with the latest platforms.


I do actually believe that BlackBerry are making some very good moves towards the future and I am looking forward to developing on the new platform with a number of projects I have in the pipeline.

BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device!

If your heading to the conference and would like to meet up then get in touch with me on Twitter @funcoder.

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How to Show Confirm Dialog in a WebDev Looper with AWP


I recently had a situation where I had a looper displaying images, each having a delete button. This delete button would actually delete the image file from the server, so I needed a way to confirm the action. In AWP you can’t use the YesNo or Confirm functions in the server code but actually is very easy performing this in the browser code.


The important bit of code is the RETURN when the user selects No on the dialog. This RETURN will cause the browser not to execute the server code.

This is very handy to remember as there are many times when its good practice to get user conformation.

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PC Soft What I Want #1–WebDev Template Preview

Now that the release 16 is approaching I thought it would be good to give some thoughts into what I would love to see in the next release. I’m just going to call it PC Soft What I Want but in the post I will be talking about all 3 products.

To start with I would love to be able to preview a template for testing rather than having to go to another page. If you try testing a template page you get an error.



Maybe one way would be able to specify in the template settings to page to run when testing. Its would just be nice to have to improve productivity.

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WebDev – Creating Opaque backgrounds without affecting Text

In WebDev if you create a cell and set its background and opacity then the elements within the cell will also appear with the same opacity.

This is not great when you want to show text with say a crisp white colour. So how do you produce the effect without affecting the text?

Firstly you need to add an image control, set its Type to Generated.


Also make sure that you select “The control can be overlaid” on the image and then add a cell over the text. I usually set a background colour to the image to help me work with it in design.

Add a text control to the cell and set some text. Note that the Cell control also needs to be set as “The control can be overlaid”.


Even though you set the background of the image you still need to generate a new background with the opacity. Its easy and only requires a few lines of code.


Note that you have to make sure the shape of the background is set to Solid Background for this to work.

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