My views on the WWDC Keynote

It’s been a few days now and I have had time to listen to podcasts and watch they keynote speech.

The new Leopard release looks fantastic to me. The new finder is something that was desperately needed and they have done a great job with this.

Being a .NET developer as well as Cocoa, I tend to compare the conference to Microsoft’s and I always find it strange that the keynote is not primarily about developer features (being that it’s a developers conference).

I think they should have demonstrated the new XCode 3.0 and Object-C 2.0 features. Also show more powerful app’s created for Leopard, not just their own but 3rd parties. This is what Microsoft tend to do when they release new features to the .NET framework.

The JavaOne conference is a great example, where almost everything is about Java and not about new Sun hardware.

I realize that a lot of tech stuff is provided in the sessions after the keynote, but I think the whole idea of the keynote should be to excite developers from other platforms to join us. Show the world how cool it is to develop app’s in XCode.

I love being a convert to Mac and I could never see myself going back to PC, so lets show those PC developers how fun it is in the Mac world.

Finally I was hoping to see a cool tool to develop on the iPhone but the solution of developing web app’s for the phone just seemed lame to me.

Saying all that, I am planning to go next year.

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