Meteor Resources to Get You Started

As with any new development platform or framework, it takes time to master. Getting the right information to start you off is the key to enjoying the ride and building successful web apps.

I have collected a number of references to sites and videos that I refer to and used to learn the way.

In the Beginning

If you know nothing about Meteor then to get you started I would recommend Discover Meteor eBook, which takes you through the main features of Meteor while you build an app. You can get the first part of the book for free if you sign up with your account

Another great tutorial is provided by tuts+ and aimed at prototyping with Meteor. It’s a great primer for learning though.–net-30915

BulletProof Meteor is a good turtorial that goes deeper into MongoDB and NodeJS, so recommended after you have completed Discover Meteor.

Learning Resource

There’s a great selection of resources at which has some great links, including resources on Javascript if your not experienced in the language yet.

Best resources to become a master is another great page for Meteor related websites, blogs, books, Youtube videos and communities.

Meteor Hacks has a growing resource of tutorials, hacks and projects.

Once you understand Meteor then Meteor Tips and Workarounds is a handy site for you to get some useful info.

Video Tutorials

Meteor tips has a complete video training course if you prefer this form of training. The course is very reasonable at $39.

You should defiantly subscribe to the Meteor channel on YouTube to get the latest information and see videos from Dev Shops and conferences.

Cheat Sheet

Patrick Leet as created a cool cheat sheet on GitHub that I reference and I highly recommend. It’s code with comments but helps you remember functionality. I would recommend understanding the structure of a Meteor app before using this though.

Meteor Packages

One of Meteor’s strengths is the ability to extend its features with meteor packages. So adding login accounts features or including Bootstrap is a breeze. AtmosphereJS is a fantastic site where you can search for these Meteor packages.

News Sites

The following news sites are a great resource to keep up with what’s happening in the Meteor world, so keep an eye on them.

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