Meteor Project Startup Sheet

Recently I have been developing web projects in Meteor and really enjoying the platform. Whenever I develop in a new platform or framework I create a kind of crib sheet of commands I use to start a project up.

Here’s the list I use for Meteor:

  • meteor create <project name>
  • add folders to project – client [helpers, stylesheets, templates], lib [collections], public & server
  • meteor add jquery
  • meteor add bootstrap
  • meteor add iron:router
  • meteor add accounts-base
  • meteor add accounts-password
  • meteor remove autopublish
  • create server/publications.js
  • create client/template/application/layout.html
  • create lib/router.js
  • create server/fixtures.js
  • create client/main.js

In addition I have been experimenting with polymer, which you can add to your project with meteor add ecwyne:polymer-elements

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