Managing Tasks on a Project

Well the week is over and the challenges fun will continue on Monday. This week I continued work on an exciting project for a prize management company here in the UK.

Each day I start by reviewing my task list I have for completing the project. I just use this as a refresher as the tasks are very brief, like "Winner CRUD operations".

From this list I decide my work for the day and write a list of tasks I wish to complete by the end of the day. Each task often has notes associated, to remind me of requirements.

I believe it is important not to set a time scale for each task. So I wouldn’t recommend you add these to a calendar. Do so just adds further pressure for you to complete it in the allotted time. You then end up spending more time watching the clock and panicking when you could be spending time being creative.

So make a list of tasks you can realistically complete in the day and just do them. You will find your code will flow a lot better and you get a sense of achievement every time you tick one off.

There will be times when one task takes longer than expected and you have to bump other tasks to the next day. Don’t worry as you are still in control, so when you start the next day you just include the bumped task in the new days list.

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