Hobo Framework for Ruby on Rails

Last night I had my geek hat on again and downloaded the Hobo Framework gem after hearing about it on the Rubyoligy podcast.

Watching their quicktime videos gives you an insight into how cool this framework/plugin actually is, so I recommend you start there first.

As a test I took my GotoCodeCamp.com project as a test and started from scratch. In about 5 minutes I had a working site with the ability for users to sign up and add their code camp info.

I am very impressed with the features they have added to Rails and don’t be mistaken that this is another scaffold, it’s not, far from it.

The DRYML (Don’t repeat yourself markup language) looks very interesting but I need to work in this a bit more to get a feel of it.

I intend to work further on the GotoCodeCamp.com using Hobo so you can then see the results on the website.

Each stage will be published so you can see its progress along with screencasts on Funcoder.

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