My Favorite In-Ear Headphones

 Sony MDR-EX71SL I’m a bit fussy when it comes to the type of sound I like to hear coming out of my iPod. I have tried a number of In-ear headphones, even the Shure E3C which I was very disappointed with.

I thought for some time it was the E3C’s position in my ear but after numerous searches on the web and tests I found the range of these £80 buds very disappointing.

Recently I purchased the Sony MDR-EX71SL and was totally amazed by the range of these £30 in-ear phones.

There are 3 sizes of earbuds to choose from to give you the best fit and produce a good base.

There is a short cord which can be extended with an additional 1m cord. The frequency range is 6-23,000Hz.

I am really pleased with these and would recommend them.

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