Exciting News – WinDev 14 Coming to a Screen Near You

Its fun times at PC Soft again with another stack of amazing new features for WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile.

We will have to wait for the English release date for the products, but I am hoping that they will be much quicker than 12.

I will be working through the French Découvrez les 501 NOUVEAUTÉS and let you know the new features that are in this version.

If you have never herd of or tried WinDev then you are missing out on an incredible development environment.

I used to do all my development in Visual Studio.NET and was getting very frustrated with the buggy IDE and the amount of code you have to do in .NET just to perform the simplest of tasks.

With WinDev I have been able to build professional looking websites 70% quicker.

I just love coding in WinDev and WebDev, it’s brought back the fun in coding.

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