Cocoa Podcasts

Now that I am a fully fledged member of the Apple Developer Connection, I have been delving deep into the world of XCode.

It’s a strange journey being that I haven’t had to deal with pointers for a long while now. My main development focus has been Ruby/Rails C# and VB.NET, none of which you need to concern yourself about *variable.

Saying that though I am actually enjoing the power and control I have over my code compared to the other languages.

Anyway…I digress…

Apart from the books I’m reading about Cocoa, I found some very cool podcasts dedicated to the subject.

CocoaRadio is an interview format podcast where you can hear what other developers/companies are doing with Cocoa. There are also some very good discussions on specific libraries in the famework, like sync.

CocoaCast is a very good screencast series to teach you from the start how to develop in Objective-C and XCode.

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