ASP.NET v5 vs Meteor – Using Less

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Developer | 3 comments

I was watching a video today from Microsoft going through Visual Studio 2015 and how well it works with bower, npm and grunt. This might be the case but it just seams to me that Microsoft are making development more time consuming.

It’s 2015 and developers should be able to focus on the web app they need to complete in the least amount of coding possible. I know there’s a fine line and there needs to be enough flexibility for the developer but I think Microsoft are giving the developer too much, which in turn makes them unproductive.

Recently I have been really enjoying developing on the Meteor framework. I’ve use C9 as my development environment and its been great.

I still develop in ASP.NET MVC so it’s very interesting to compare these two.

Anyway back to watching the video, they were explaining how you get less to work in an ASP.NET 5 project and I was amazed how many steps and how much code you have to write just to get it working.

So you have add a line to the package.json file to include grunt-contrib-less, then you have to write another line in your gruntfile.js and finally you have to add 10 lines of code (ok some are { } ) to get things working.

In Meteor you just call the command line meteor add less and your good to continue with your development. I can continue to stay focused on my project and don’t have to think which files I need to update to get a package working.

I would love to get your thoughts and comments on this.

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