BlogDay 2007 – 5 Interesting Blogs I Found Today

Blog Day 2007This was a real challenge for me as most of my day is spent being a tech geek and so I mainly read tech blog.

I racked my brain to think of not only some theme that was not something I looked at every day but also something that would interest me.

After spending a few minutes Goggling for some ideas, I finally came up with Airline Pilots.

Flying is something I have always been interested in but never taken up as a hobby. Fortunately my brother-in-law owns a plane so if I get the urge I can pop out for a fly around with him.

I think the coolest job in the world, apart from my own, is being an airline pilot. So I thought there must be pilots out there that write their own blogs and Flight Level 390 by Dave not only reports on his flights but you get a taste of what he sees out of his window with some photo shots.

The second blog to search for was about Mind Mapping, a cool technique to taking notes and remembering key information, created by Tony Buzan. have a blog full of useful information at

Number 3 is about living in Spain. Sometime in the future my Wife and I would like to move to some improved weather and slower pace of life. I found Eye on Spain an informative no fluff look at living in Spain, the highs and lows.

Next we move away from earths gravitational pull and and head to Mars for the Mars Rover Blog. Read up to date information and see the latest images from this incredible robot.

Finally, I had to select something with a smidgen on tech in it, so is my pick. As a software engineer its great to see a blog that gives us some cooking tips that only engineers would understand.

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